Flanagan’s Wake is the hilarious interactive Irish wake that has been running in Chicago for 11 smash years! Flanagan’s Wake is one of the longest-running shows in Chicago theater history. When will it end? According to Brian Ballybunion, Flanagan’s best friend and drinkin’ mate, “We’ll keep waking him until we get it right.”
Join the villagers of the beautiful fictional village of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, as they tell tales, sing songs and mourn the passing of one of their own, Flanagan. You’ll be transported to the Emerald Isle to grieve as only the Irish can. You can share tales of your own experiences and misadventures with dear old Flanagan, or simply enjoy the stories and songs of the locals as they recall life with “Himself.”

“A Great Party!” – Chicago Tribune
“Roisterous & Boisterous!” – L.A. Times
“A Hoot!” – The Boston Globe.
“A great time...” -The Chicago Sun Times
“One of the funniest shows you’ll ever see”- NBC
“Crisp comic timing!” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Flanagan’s Wake opened at the Improv Institute in Chicago March 1994.

Created by: Amy Binns-Calvey, Geoff Binns-Calvey, Jimmy Binns, Jack Bronis, Mark Czoske, Phil Lusardi, Pat Musker and Bonnie Shadrake

Conceived by Jack Bronis
Inspired by Joe Liss

The show is for all ages. Ages 8-100 love it!

Flanagan's Wake has appeared in:
Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Detroit.

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